🎥 Our feature on One Minute Lick from JMGuitarTuition

Our Salford Guitar Lessons feature on One Minute Lick from JMGuitarTuition

Hey folks,

Hope this finds you all doing well.

Recently we was kindly featured on JM Guitar Tuition’s One Minute Lick series. In this video James analysed one of our licks from the lockdown jam video we posted last year.

We appreciate James transcribing and teaching one of our licks. Really means a lot!

Learn this phrase lick using the Gminor pentatonic 1st position scale below:

Please visit JM Guitar Tuition over on their website here & follow on Instagram here to show some love & check out James’ talent as a tutor & guitarist!

You can watch our lockdown jam video this tab was transcribe from below:

Have a wonderful week folks!

Tez SGL 🙂 \m/

Tez Skachill
Founder of Salford Guitar Lessons

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