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2 hour Guitar 1to1 Maintenance Course

£59.99 £69.99

Including premium set of guitar strings.

Have you ever wondered how to clean & set up your own guitar properly?

Attempting to adjust your own guitar can feel quite daunting…could you permanently change or damage your guitar? Would you not know where to start by taking the components apart or adjusting your guitar bridge? Does your guitar strings annoyingly buzz?…We may have the perfect answer for you below!

At Salford Guitar Lessons we’ve developed a unique one to one maintenance course to help show you all the processes and tools to professionally clean and setup up your guitar.

In the course, we will ask you to bring along one of your own guitars you would like to be fully serviced.

Together, we’ll work through all the steps to efficiently set up and improve the comfort and playability of your guitar.

This should give you a better understanding of how key components work on the guitar and give you the knowledge and skills to confidently make adjustments on your own.

Salford Guitar Lessons Maintenance Course Setup

What will you learn with this course?

Your maintenance course will guide you through:



Salford Guitar Lessons

The maintenance courses offered by SGL are excellent, while giving your guitar a full and very thorough service you also build your knowledge about your instrument and how to look after it.

From checking and maintaining the smallest parts, to oiling the wood to restringing, everything is covered and as always under the expert guidance of Tez. Highly recommended.

Darren Massey

Monton, Salford

Salford Guitar Lessons

I did the guitar maintenance course with Tez.

Everything on the course was well explained and Tez was a great instructor to work with as he tailored the course to the specific issues I was having with guitar set up.

I would definitely recommend Tez to other people!

Elliott Wiss

Macclesfield, Cheshire

Salford Guitar Lessons

I’ve done a few maintenance courses with Tez, his knowledge is absolutely brilliant and so is his techniques, helping me to understand more about my instruments and how to properly take care of them, from a simple restring to rewiring/soldering pickups and pots. I’ve watched endless videos, demos etc online but nothing beats being shown in person by a professional 🤘🤘🤘 Highly recommend Tez for anything guitar related set up or learning new skills along the way!!

Karl Lee

Swinton, Salford

Maintenance course details:

The course will run for 2 hours at our Salford Guitar Lessons studio in Eccles, Manchester.

The price is currently £59.99 including a set of new high quality guitar strings + choice of coffee or a cup of tea.

If you’re interested in booking a maintenance course please email us here & we can send you our next available dates.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Ready to improve your maintenance skills?

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