1to1 Studio Guitar Lessons

Find out more about our 1to1 guitar lessons based at our teaching studio in Eccles, Salford

Video Call Lessons

Discover how you can learn the guitar with us with our video call guitar lessons on Skype or Zoom



“With the right knowledge, perseverance & inspiration,
you can accomplish learning the guitar!”

– Tez Skachill, Founder of Salford Guitar Lessons

The heartbeat of guitar learning in Salford 💓

We at SGL are dedicated to help you discover your own guitar ability & inspire you to learn with exciting tailor-made lessons.

We’re based at our very own teaching studio offering one to one studio & video call guitar lessons from GCSE age 14 + to adults, ranging from complete beginners to advanced guitar players.

Having taught hundreds of lessons to a wide range of students, we at Salford Guitar Lessons are experienced in bringing you expert tuition to meet your requirements and goals.
If you wish to play that favourite song of yours, or sound like that guitarist that simply amazes you, or even how to write a song or guitar solo, we at Salford Guitar Lessons can teach & show you how!

Learning to play the guitar is a wonderful experience and we aim to bring that experience with exciting and passionate tuition!


Find out more about our 1to1 guitar lessons at our Salford Guitar Lessons teaching studio located in Eccles, Salford.

Here at Salford Guitar Lessons we provide you with exciting one to one lessons designed & tailored to you.
Our one to one lessons are held at our own teaching studio which we have developed into a professional and inspiring environment to learn in.

In our opinion, one to one lessons are unequalled because you have the benefit of having a tutor to guide you with pre-prepared lesson plans and someone there to fire questions to when they arise. We can immediately give you the help and guidance needed with an encouraging and enthusiastic approach.

As with all our lessons, you’ll receive lessons sheets reviewing everything we’ve covered to help and make practicing easier.

We’ve made significant changes to our studio to make our 1to1 lessons COVID-19 safe. Read our COVID-19 policy here.


Interested in booking a video call guitar lesson on Skype or Zoom with us?

In addition to our 1to1 studio lessons we also provide video call lessons on Skype & Zoom. If you wish to learn from the comfort of your pc, laptop, mobile or tablet this is perfect for you.

No matter where you are in the world Salford Guitar Lessons can bring you guidance and tuition to help to develop your guitar abilities. All you need is your laptop or mobile phone with either a Skype or Zoom account set up.


If you have any questions regarding our guitar lessons or wish to book some lessons for yourself or someone else, drop us an email now to get in touch.