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Video Call Guitar Lessons

Video Call Guitar Lessons

Video Call Guitar Lessons


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Send us an email & we can check our availability for you for these
guitars lessons taught via Skype or Zoom.
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Video call lessons work similar to our normal one to one studio lessons, except we connect using our phones, tablets, PC or laptop to teach our guitar lessons to our students.

We use free downloadable programs/apps like Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp for our lessons.

After we’ve both downloaded the same program/app to our phones or laptop and set up an account (please see below how to do this), we’ll decide on a suitable time for the lesson. At the arranged time, we’ll send you a video call and we can begin the lesson.


“We at Salford Guitar Lessons have taught many video call lessons and become very experienced in our approach
to our delivery, allowing the material and audio to be heard clearly and precise.
We strive for a decent visual and audio quality and have the equipment set up to achieve this.”

– Tez Skachill, Founder of Salford Guitar Lessons


During this very concerning time with the COVID-19 virus & lockdown, Skype lessons are the safest way to continue or start learning the guitar with us.

There’s no worry for social distancing and risks of transmission of the virus, as Skype lessons are connected via the internet through our phones or laptops.


  • Smart phone, laptop, PC or tablet connected to the internet
  • An built-in device camera or external webcam
  • Skype, Zoom or WhatApps program/app installed & an account set up
  • A quiet space in your home for the lesson
  • And of course, your guitar!



For laptops & PC’s we recommend downloading & installing either Skype or Zoom software.

Please watch this YouTube video by ‘Techboomers’ below on how to download & install Skype for Windows:

Smart phones/tablets

Using your phone or tablet is an easier way to connect these lessons as they have a built-in camera ready to go.

We recommend using WhatsApp as this works really well.

Please watch this YouTube video by ‘Dex How To Tutorials’ on how to download and install WhatsApp to your phone on android devices:

All these programs/apps are free to use.


If you would like to start having Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp guitar lessons from us, please use the email form on our contacts page to let us know.

We’ll email you back and ask you to fill out our enrolment form.
If we have the availability we will then find a suitable date/time for your first lesson.

We’ll send you the price of the lesson + invoice with our payment details.
All payments to be made via PayPal or BACS transfer.

Once payment has been received we will send you confirmation of your booking + a google notification that you can add to your phone calendar.

At our arranged lesson time/date we will send you a video call to start the lesson. We’ll also email you our pre-prepared lessons sheets to help aid in learning & understanding during the lesson.

At Salford Guitar Lessons we can help you achieve your goals and develop your guitar skill & understanding via our Skype, Zoom & WhatsApp lessons!