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Salford Guitar Lessons COVID-19 Policy

Following the advice provided by the UK government on COVID-19 we’ve been working on making safety changes to our Salford Guitar Lessons teaching studio for our one to one lessons. These guideline procedures are listed in our updated COVID-19 policy below. The health and well-being of our students and visitors are at the upmost importance so we’re asking everyone to adhere to this policy.

Please read through our COVID-19 guideline policy below.

COVID-19 – SGL Studio Guidelines

Last updated 15th Jan 2024.

One to one studio lessons:

  1. If you’re showing any of the symptoms of a cold, flu and most importantly symptoms possibly relating to COVID-19, immediately contact us to rearrange your lesson. There will be no time limit or incur charges for cancellations for our guitar lessons. We want to encourage you to be honest if you’re feeling unwell and if you, or somebody you know has tested positive for COVID-19 without fear you will lose your lesson or have to pay a fee. We will then re-schedule our lesson for a minimum elapsed time of 14 days. This goes for both students and staff.

  2. If you feel at risk of COVID, we advise wearing a mask/face covering in the public areas of the building.

  3. We recommend using hand sanitiser provided at the start and end of each lesson. There is a sanitiser dispenser on the wall to the right of the studio door with signs.

  4. Please bring your own refreshment drinks for each lesson. We do not want to risk cross contamination via cups and glasses.

Improvements to our studio

  1. We will thoroughly disinfect and clean the chairs and tables after each lesson.

  2. We will have all windows open throughout each lesson if it’s safe to do so.

Any feedback would be highly welcome. Please get in touch if you have any further advice to add through our contacts page here, or if you have any questions.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish everybody good health and to keep yourself and loved ones safe. Thank you to all our heroes in the NHS and care homes who’s bravery, skill and determination continually give us hope and light in the darkest times.

Thank you,
Salford Guitar Lessons

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