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Expert 1to1 Guitar Lessons to learn Oasis

Mastering Oasis: Unleashing the Power of Britpop Through 1to1 Guitar Lessons in Eccles, Salford

Oasis, the iconic Manchester band that dominated the Britpop scene in the 1990s, left an indelible mark on the world of music with their anthemic tunes and electrifying performances. The distinctive sound of the Gallagher brothers, Noel and Liam, has inspired countless aspiring musicians to pick up a guitar and recreate the magic. If you’ve ever dreamt of strumming the chords to “Wonderwall” or playing the iconic riffs of “Don’t Look Back in Anger,” our expert 1 to 1 guitar lessons in Eccles, Salford, are the perfect avenue to turn your dreams into reality.

The Oasis Phenomenon:

Formed in Manchester in 1991, Oasis quickly rose to fame with their debut album, “Definitely Maybe,” in 1994. Their music resonated with a generation, and their intense sibling rivalry between Noel and Liam Gallagher added an extra layer of drama to their story. Anthems like “Live Forever,” “Champagne Supernova,” and “Supersonic” became the soundtrack of a generation, establishing Oasis as one of the most influential bands of the era.

Oasis - learn songs with 1to1 lessons on guitar at Salford Guitar Lessons. Image from https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/liam-gallagher-vs-noel-gallagher-oasis-brothers-beef-history-explained-206050/

Learning Oasis Songs on Guitar:

The beauty of Oasis lies in the simplicity and accessibility of their music, making it an excellent choice for budding guitarists. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, our one-to-one guitar lessons in Eccles, Salford, cater to all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are well-versed in the distinctive style of Oasis, providing personalised guidance to help you master those iconic riffs and chords.


  • Learn the signature chord progression that defines this timeless classic.
  • Understand strumming patterns and dynamics to capture the emotional essence of the song.
  • Nail Noel Gallagher’s acoustic playing to play countless more Oasis tracks.

Don't Look Back in Anger:

  • Grasp the distinctive opening opening riff that sets the tone for the entire song.
  • Master the bends & scale patterns that characterise the iconic guitar solo.
  • Incorporate dynamic changes to convey the song’s emotional depth for the soundtrack of Manchester.

Half A World Away:

  • Break down the chord progression that makes this B-side a fan favourite.
  • Seamlessly blend strumming with picking arpeggios to create a wide dynamic range.
  • Impress your friends to recall the title sequence for the hit 90’s sitcom The Royal Family.

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The Masterplan

Learn how to play the introduction here to the Oasis masterpiece The Masterplan.

This is an easy song to learn for beginners & let’s take you through all the chords + strumming patterns you need to know to play this stunning track!

Oasis - The Masterplan - Learn here at Salford Guitar Lessons on guitar. Image from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Masterplan_%28album%29

Expert 1to1 Guitar Lessons to learn Oasis:

At our Salford Guitar Lessons teaching studio in Eccles, Salford, we pride ourselves on offering personalised, 1 to 1 guitar lessons that cater to your specific learning needs. Our expert instructors have a deep understanding of Oasis’s music and will guide you through each song, breaking down the elements that make them iconic. Whether you’re a beginner eager to strum your first chords or an intermediate player aiming to refine your skills, our lessons are tailored to help you achieve your musical goals.

Noel Gallagher. Guitar lessons to learn Oasis at Salford Guitar Lessons. Image from https://guitar.com/news/music-news/epiphone-guitars-noel-gallagher-british-museum/

Oasis’s legacy lives on not just through their recorded albums but also in the hearts of musicians worldwide. Our 1 to 1 guitar lessons in Eccles, Salford, provide the ideal platform for you to immerse yourself in the world of Britpop and master the timeless tunes that defined a generation. Unleash your inner rockstar with the guidance of our experienced instructors and let the music of Oasis become an integral part of your musical journey.

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