1to1 Guitar Lessons

1to1 Studio Guitar Lessons

1to1 Studio Guitar Lessons

1to1 Studio Guitar Lessons


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At Salford Guitar Lessons, our one to one lessons will take you step by step through all the aspects you need to know to help you achieve and develop your guitar playing. Our one to one lessons are held at our own teaching studio which has been developed into an inspiring learning environment.

Our teaching approach here at SGL is to be as encouraging and enthusiastic as possible during the lessons because enjoyment should be at the heart of learning this wonderful instrument.

The starting age we teach from is GCSE age 14+. We teach all levels of ability, so if you’re a complete beginner or an experienced player looking to perfect their craft we can help you.

Our hourly rate is £35 reflecting the premium & tailored service we offer. Discounts & vouchers are available for special occasions. Please email us for further details.

We aim with all our lessons to provide excellent educational and productive tutoring as well as an enjoyable and fun experience.


The experience of learning one to one with a guitar tutor is unequalled!


Each lesson is tailored to you, the individual. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have been playing for a while and feel you want to develop your playing further, we prepare a step by step lesson focus to achieve your goals.

We ask you what bands, music and genres you like and we’ll use them as vehicles to improve your skill and understanding. Seamlessly we introduce the awareness of the techniques and theory, or mechanics behind the songs, however remaining focused on your goals and enjoyment.

In no time at all you won’t believe your progress!

In addition, we design our own reference sheets to cover all what we’ll look at in the lessons. For example, this could be an in-depth look at a song, tabs, classic riffs, chord sheets, technique guides or theory references etc. We’ll email these over to you after each lesson to help with practice.


Our one to one lessons are based at our own teaching studio located within Sentinel house in Eccles, Greater Manchester. The studio has excellent access to Manchester city centre, Trafford Park and Salford Quays. It’s within a 5 minute walk from the Metro link, main bus station, train station and the M602 motorway.

Please see our location on google maps here.

On-site secure car parking is available on request however, 48hours notice is required to book you in.


We will help you achieve these + so much more!

  • The basics to start playing guitar
  • Advance your picking technique
  • How to play guitar whilst singing
  • Learn to solo over chord progressions
  • Help with GCSE or college courses
  • Learn to play your favourite songs
  • How to start or join a band
  • Stage performance & gig preparation
  • Learn basic to advanced theory
  • Help to practice efficiently
  • Learn the styles of guitar legends
  • How to song-write & create music
  • How to record your own music
  • Unlock fretboard mastery
  • Have fun learning something new…